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Monday, June 16, 2014

The 10 Top Fat-Burning Foods

1. Oatmeal:
Carbs they contain are slow-digesting which keeps insulin and blood sugar levels low, so fat-burning stay high.

2. Avocado:
The particular mono-unsaturated fats existing in avocados are burned readily for fuel during workout and actually prompt fat-burning. There's no cause to be afraid of consuming fats as long as they're the good fats.

3. Water:
Water is best ally in fighting bodyfat, speeds up your weight loss dramatically. drinking about two cups of cold water every day, can boost metabolic rate by 29%.

4. Salmon:
Salmon is good sources of the omega-3 essential fats. The fats that turn on fat-burning. Also it's source of protein help you feel full.

5. Honey:
Honey it's a sugar but is a natural component, maintains a fat-burning environment in your body, helps losing weight and will maintain your body healthy.

6. Olive oil:
Olive-oil is a good source of mono-unsaturated fats, are burned readily for fuel during workout . Ameliorate cardiovascular health and lower levels of the bad cholesterol

7. Chili Pepper:
chili pepper can boost calorie burning at rest and well as lower food cravings.

8. Eggs:
Eat eggs in breakfast causing eat fewer calories during the day, and lose significantly more body fat. Eggs best protein source and contains vitamin B12 which is needed for fat breakdown

9. Broccoli:
Broccoli contains phytochemicals which can help boost fat loss. Broccoli can make you feel full.

10. Soybeans:
Soybeans to to aid fat loss and build muscle as efficiently. Also, soybeans are good source of proteins which increases metabolism and burn a lot of calories.

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